Words can not describe how beautiful my home now looks.  Countless neighbors stop by and comment on my landscape lighting.   They ask me who did your lights?  I answer LiteItUp of course!!!

I tell them if they are tired of going to those home supply stores and buying lights year after year that burn out and never last — you need to call LiteItUp and ask for Rob Singer.    What is so great about Rob is that each lighting design is tailor to the individual location.  Some of my neighbors have used Rob and each one of our homes are accented differently.  Rob has a great artistic touch and is able to light up your home so that all the best architectural features are emphasized.

He used LED lights that illuminate beautifully and do not use up a ton of electricity — this allows you to keep your lights on longer.   Of course I would be remiss if I did not mention the excellent  customer service.   No matter how many times I would call he would return my calls promptly and come over whenever my new lawn man would accidentally cut the wires.  I researched a lot of companies before I decided to hire LiteItUp and this company is all that they claim to be.  Great products! Excellent  Customer Service !! and Reasonable Prices!!   Give them a call you will be very happy with the results!

– Maria, Imagination Farms


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